Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 90: Boom Blox

I would gladly pay twenty, even thirty dollars for Boom Blox. But, since it's a fifty dollar game, and fifty dollars is a lot to spend on what is essentially a carnie game without the slimy barker and the prizes that are impossible to win, I'll just rent it for now. It's not like Steven Spielberg is hurting for the money. And what exactly makes this a "Steven Spielberg Game"? Did he just throw a bunch of money at it to make it happen or what?

The premise is incredibly simple. Throw baseballs at stuff to knock it over. The trick, of course, is to throw a baseball in the right place to create the chain reaction that will make everything fall over. Getting to fake throw with the Wiimote once per level may be "winning," but it doesn't exactly add up to a lot of fun.

That's why I prefer the battle mode. Two players. Two castles made of blocks. Bowling balls. Each player starts with three balls and starts bombarding the other player's castle, earning more balls for doing more damage until someone's fortress is leveled.

The single player puzzles a clever and entertaining, but the real gold here is in the party modes. Invite some friends over and throw balls at each other. Maybe leave the Wii turned off.

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