Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 65: The Heist

It takes a special talent to make a game about stealing priceless art from a museum full of high tech security devices painfully boring. Mike Livesay has that talent and he has it in spades. His creation's dullness is so complete and overwhelming that it is almost impressive. I fought off sleep in order to get to the next screen and see how Mr. Livesay could top himself and he rarely disappointed.

How many copies of the same painting does a museum really need? Why are there holes in the floor? And are those toasters in the middle of the screen supposed to be a threat? An yeah, I know it's 1983 and all, but who wears white pants and a lime green muscle shirt when they're robbing a museum? Is he going to use the security video as an audition tape for a role on Miami Vice?

See? Look at this. This game is so bland I have to resort to making fun of the protagonist's outfit to have anything at all to write. I'd better stop now, before I sink into puns.

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