Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 62: Konami Krazy Racers

Game Title: Konami Krazy (sic) Racers
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Kart racer
Publisher: Konami (duh!)
Year of Release: 2001

Franchise(s) blatantly stolen from (please mark all that apply)
[ ] Super Mario Bros.
[ ] Mega Man
[ ] Final Fantasy
[ ] Street Fighter
[ ] Grand Theft Auto
[ ] Dance Dance Revolution
[X] Other (please specify): Mario Kart

Time (in hours) annoying theme song played in your head: 2.5

Other comments: An above average kart racer that adds nothing new to the genre. Worth checking out if you happen across it, but not anything to go out of your way to find if you already own any of the Mario Kart series.

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