Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 73: TV Show King

This being the first round of WiiWare releases, and givent he quality of the budget titles released for the Wii to this date, I wasn't sure what to expect from TV Show King. Would I be getting something fun to play with my girlfriend, or would I spend the next few days wishing I'd used those 1,000 Wii Points on Pokemon Puzzle League?

It turns out that TV Show King is a pretty good trivia game. Most of the game is played as a straightforward multiple choice quiz against three opponents, either human or computer controlled. The computer opponents aren't very bright, but they can make up for that with the wheel.

The wheel is what makes TV Show King. After each round, contestants are given the option to spin the wheel for a chance to double their money, swap with another player or possibly lose it all. The smart move would probably be to pass, but the prospect of changing the entire game with a flick of the Wiimote is hard to ignore.

Each game ends with a duel round, with the top two players facing off for a chance to win half of the other's money. Essentially, the first to answer five questions wins the entire game, unless the other player had built up a huge, Ken Jennings-esque lead.

There's a one player trivia mode in which players can try to anwers as many questions in a row without missing, but TV Show King is meant to be played with other humans. The presentation is excellent, capturing the look and feel of a TV game show with the smarmy host, busty assistant and an audience full of Miis that clap for anything. If you like trivia at all, you can't really go wrong with this one.

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