Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 68: Action 52 Friday with Operation Full Moon

I'm not sure how much more Action 52 I can take. There are only so many way to say a game is bad without resorting to simply combining the word "suck" with the words "donkey" and "balls," and I'd rather not waste the good ones on a game like Operation Full Moon which is more generic than it is truly atrocious. It has all the same bland sprites, repetitive game play and bad collision detection you would expect in an Action 52 offering, this time in the form of a vertically scrolling shooter. In fact, just like Star Evil, Operation Full Moon likes to begin levels with your vehicle directly behind some sort of obstacle.

Based on my experiences so far, I'm going to attempt to predict what the next five games on the Action 52 cartridge will be.

Game 11 - Dam Busters: Even though I want to doubt there would be two in a row, this one's probably some kind of shooter, maybe a River Raid rip off.

Game 12 - Thrusters: Well, clearly something rocket powered is involved. This one's probably another shooter, set in space, although I'm holding out hope for a Lunar Lander clone.

Game 13 - Haunted Hill: Generic Castlevania. There will be some zombies, but probably no skeletons since those are harder to draw.

Game 14 - Chill Out: A platform game on ice. Possibly with eskimos and/or penguins.

Game 15 - Sharks: A shooter underwater. Kill the sharks before they kill you.

I'm also going to try to refrain from using the words "generic" and rip-off" any more when writing about the Action 52 games, which will easily be one of the most difficult things I've ever done.

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