Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 54: Action 52 Friday with Jupiter Scope

Unlike Earth and Mars, Jupiter does not have a solid surface. Instead, it is made up mostly of gases, making it impossible to build skyscrapers there.

I could probably forgive Jupiter Scope if that was its only flaw. Realism and video games mix like oil and vinegar. And while it isn't dreadful, Jupiter Scope certainly isn't any fun either. It's a bit like the Intellivision classic Astrosmash, with a ship defending the "surface" of a planet from a storm of meteors. Unlike Astrosmash, the meteors do not split into smaller pieces when hit and there is no penalty for allowing one to pass.

But, wow, the music is excellent. Catchy and appropriately urgent with some nice stereo separation. I suggest that you park your ship out of the way and leave the volume up while playing a different game.

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