Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 51: Action 52 Friday Tuesday with Crytical Bypass

I was very excited when I saw the name of this game. As anyone who was ever a fan of the Sleeze Beez knows, anything with an intentionally misspelled name is automatically 10 times cooler than it would be if it used the correct spelling.

That being the case, I'm either giving the Action 52 guys way too much credit by assuming they misspelled "critical" intentionally or "Critical Bypass," if it existed, would be far and away the single worst video game ever made, even counting every game ever made on a Commodore 64 by someone just learning to program with BASIC.

What we have here is a pink and green circle that needs to make it to the end of the runway without running into any boxes or giant space potatoes. The circle can defend itself by firing in four directions, but it can only fire in the last direction it moved, meaning it has to move toward the danger to eliminate it.

Far be it from me to discriminate against pink and green circles. They make fine power-ups, but they make lousy protagonists. I died once waiting for my ship to appear on screen, not realizing it already had. On the bright side, at least an awesome space ship sprite wasn't wasted here.

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