Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 48: Mario vs. Donkey Kong

I played this game three days ago on an inflatable mattress in North Hollywood and quite honestly I don't remember too much about it. It's essentially a reimagining of the first Donkey Kong game but with all the maneuvers Mario learned since getting his own video game franchise and a convoluted plot revolving around Mario action figures since Donkey Kong is a good guy now and can't go around kidnapping Pauline, which wouldn't get Mario's attention anyway since he kicked her to the curb for the princess.

Personally, I find rescuing a bunch of toys more rewarding than rescuing the princess for the eleven millionth time, even though additions like picking up and throwing trash cans and preforming complex acrobatic flips detract from the classic jump over things or bash them with a hammer Donkey Kong game play. Also, Mario vs. Donkey Kong moves at a much slower, puzzle-game pace than its arcade ancestor. Definitely a case of subtraction by addition.

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