Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 46: Mekuri Master

I shouldn't be at all surprised that a skirt flipping would be so dull. Adult themed video games have been boring since Custer's Revenge, which asked that players do nothing more than walk across the screen to be rewarded with what, with a little imagination, looked kind of like a cowboy raping an indian.

Mekuri Master asks players to lift the skirts of schoolgirls using the mouse. Fortunately, moving one hand up and down while sitting at a computer is an action very familiar to most of the primary audience for Merkuri Master, so they should have no trouble racking up high scores.

The "hero" needs to see as many panties as possible in the passing period between classes at a school that apparently has no other male students. The better the timing, the better the score. And don't even think about touching the school nurse's skirt unless you enjoy the feeling of a clipboard to the jaw.

And that's the whole game. Five levels of see girl, flick mouse, see girl, flick mouse. And with nothing but a few quick glances of cartoon panties, there's nothing here in either the gameplay or titillation departments to make Mekuri Master worthwhile.

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