Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 47: Original Frisbee Disc Sports Ultimate & Golf

I've discovered the secret to Frontier Airlines' excellent on-time record. They fudge the numbers. When my plane pulled up to the gate, the flight attendant announced that it was 7:50 local time. However, when speaking to a customer service representative after missing my connection to LA, she informed me that according to the official record, which is what gets sent to the FAA, my plane reached the gate at 7:30 local time.

Fortunately, thanks to Original Frisbee Disc Sports Ultimate & Golf, waiting on standby for a seat on a flight to LAX was not the worst part of my day. In fact, compared to the Ultimate half of what will from this point on be referred to as OFDSUG, waiting for a cranky Frontier employee who may or may not get her next paycheck to call my name was downright enjoyable.

If you're unfamiliar with Ultimate, the best way to describe it might be football with a frisbee. The goal is to get the frisbee into the endzone by throwing it to your teammates. In the real world this usually involves being able to see your teammates, some of which even run diagonally. Neither of those happen in UFDSUG. Since your view of the massive field is limited to the area immediately around the player you control, playing defense mostly consists of waiting for the other team to drop the frisbee, which results in a turnover.

The disc golf half is just a stripped down golf game. There are 18 holes to play and 5 different discs to use. Sinking 70 foot putts is disturbingly easy, even the first time you play the game.

I made it out of Denver on the next flight and never touched UFDSUG again. OK, I did touch it, but only to eject it from my DS so I could play Advance Wars Dual Strike while waiting in the lobby of a Los Angeles salon. It's a long story...

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