Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 40: Action 52 Friday with Silver Sword

Hark, brave warrior! Our once prosperous kingdom has been cursed! Only by traveling into the enchanted but strangely narrow woods and killing everything that moves can you free us from our despair! Please hurry warrior! The longer you dally, the more exclamation points I'll have to use!!!!

Silver Sword attempts to be either The Legend of Zelda or Gauntlet, or maybe Fatal Labyrinth. It doesn't matter really because it utterly fails to be any of those games. Even Fatal Labyrinth, for all its flaws, at least had the good sense to put some indication of how close I am to dying on the screen. Silver Sword, like several other Action 52 games, has no has no on-screen indication of score, lives remaining or, in this case, hit points, forcing me to keep track on my own. Quite frankly, being asked to count to 3 while avoiding giant caterpillars and fireball shooting Mankeys offends me to my very core.

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