Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 52: The Naked Game

This is not a screenshot from The Naked Game.

And neither is this.

The Naked Game, in fact, has nothing to do with nudity. It is, or rather, it claims to be "the worlds first piece of online conceptual video game art." Anyone making a claim that bold and pretentious should first learn how to operate apostrophes, but that's just my opinion.

The "naked" part of The Naked Game refers to the code of the simple Pong style game, played by two AI opponents, which is left exposed allowing players to toggle individual lines on and off. While mildly interesting, this does not provide as much in the way of entertainment or greater understanding of the universe around us as I'm sure the creator hoped.

The experience would be much better if the pretense of "art" was dropped, along with the music loop, and players were given more control, like altering the values of the constants to change the size and speed of the ball and paddles, for example. Or allowing two players to compete online, each having to choose to either boost their own abilities or sabotage the other player (while figuring out how to do so).

Hopefully this developer will learn what I learned from The Naked Game, that programmers aren't philosophers, and apply that lesson to his next project.

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