Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 42: Dr. Micro

I don't know if Dr. Micro is the good guy or the bad guy. The bad guy has the whole evil scientist thing going, so he could be Dr. something, but Dr. Micro sounds more like a nickname you'd give someone back in the 80's if the knew a lot about computers and where all down with microchips and stuff. The kind of guy who'd wear headphones everywhere he went.

And don't even try to tell me his choice of outfit is a coincidence.

So anyway, headphone guy is looking to stop scientist guy's giant boxing germ creation experiments which, if you ask me, are totally legitimate science with huge entertainment potential. I mean, don't you feel a little like a barbarian watching two guys punch each other in the face for half an hour? But watching two giant germs punch each other, that's guilt free right there.

Like any good platform game of the era, and by good platform game I mean Donkey Kong, Dr. Micro has an elevator screen.

And a conveyor belt screen.

And to prove that it is, in fact, a totally original game and not, as some of you might have suspected, a rip off of the aforementioned barrel throwing monkey game, Dr. Micro has this floating on a balloon throwing rocks at germs screen.

The elephant has me completely baffled.

Dr. Micro steals the right things from the right games and uses them well. The simple truth is every screen is fun to play, looks good, sounds good and presents unique challenges. Dr. Micro is everything a video game should be.

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