Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 9: Chakan - The Forever Man

Actually, it only feels like forever. What I thought was going to be a mindless hack 'n' slash turned out to be one of the most excruciatingly difficult games I've ever played.

Chakan is cursed with immortality. In comic books and video games, immortality is always a curse that can only be broken once some impossible task is completed. Maybe if these guys spent their immortality enjoying life rather than working all the time, it wouldn't be such a curse.

Chakan's task is to rid the world of supernatural evil, which he does by whacking it with a sword. If he gets to it. Each level is filled with intricate jumps and endless tiny, hard to hit enemies as well as the occasional large, impossible to kill enemy.

And the game never ends. In what was a novel idea for the time, there are no lives. Every time Chakan falls into a pit, he simply returns to that level's entrance and tries again. The cycle repeats until the Genesis is unplugged and thrown into the wall in frustration.

Nothing about this game makes me want to put in the time it would take to get good at it. If I win, Chakan doesn't get the girl or save the world. He dies. This is just a murky, depressing pain in the ass.

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