Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 18: Killer 7

Killer 7 is "cool." And with its unusual premise, stylized violence and ghosts in gimp suits, it can't go more than 15 seconds without reminding anyone within earshot just how cool it is. Sort of like Quentin Tarantino.

In other words, its pretentious and not much fun.

Yes, Killer 7 is from Goichi Suda, the same man who gave the world No More Heroes, one of the Reasons To Own A Wii. The difference between the two games is that No More Heroes lets you play it while Killer 7 mostly makes you watch.

Most of the game is spent holding down the A button and watching your killer run around from highly cinematic camera angles, waiting to find a ghost to talk to or to hear the tell-tale cackle of one of the Heaven Smile ghouls, which means its time to shoot something. When that happens, Killer 7 becomes a first-person shooter, albeit a first-person shooter in which your character is rooted to the spot.

The rest of the time, Killer 7 is an animated choose your own adventure book. Want to use the stars? Go to page 43. Talk to the guy holding the luchador mask? Page 38.

I wish Suda would have trusted me with his game enough to give me a little freedom. It's like he doesn't think a mere gamer like myself could possibly appreciate all the coolness without having it force fed to me, to which I respond thusly:

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meager said...

Killer 7 did make #3 on Game Informer Magazine's Top Ten Weirdest Games of All Time. They don't mention game playability. But it was one spot weirder than Katamari Damacy.

If you don't like weird games, I can lend you some nice dull generic games to help you out.

By the way, congrats on reaching day 18! It's nice to actually have something to look forward to reading everyday, not like those stupid "professional" sites that take weekends off.