Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 26: Action 52 Friday with G-Force

G-Force failed to meet even the ridiculously low expectations I have for the games on the Action 52 cartridge. In fact, I have to resort to completely making stuff up to have anything to write at all.

Years of friction between the Rastafarian Space Empire and the United Federation of Planets Owned by Rich White Guys has finally boiled over into full-blown hostility as the Rastafarians send unmanned drones into the express tunnels leading from the Rich White Guys office towers to their beach homes. Insisting that you are the only man capable of beating back the invasion (but really just wanting you out of the way so he can nail your wife), the commander of the UFPORWG defense forces orders you into the tunnels in your hot pink fighter jet.

Actually, G-Force is a side-scrolling shooter with three levels which I presume loop infinitely. I made it through the third level each time without firing or moving. The first two levels were only slightly more difficult. Even with an average price of just $3.85 for each game on the action 52 cartridge, I'd have to say that G-Force is a complete rip-off.

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