Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 98: Kumoon

First person and second person shooters don't really appeal to me. Even those that I like I only like for the multiplayer mode, which suggests that I enjoy shooting my friends more that I enjoy the game specifically. Now I've got this second person shooter with no enemies, no multiplayer and to top it all off, it penalizes me every time I fire my weapon. Must be some kind of cutesy clever puzzle game.

Which is exactly what Kumoon is. Like Boom Blox, the goal is to knock a bunch of stuff over, but instead of using the Wii's motion controls, Kumoon uses standard shooter keyboard and mouse controls. And since each shot after the first penalizes you, you want to break as much stuff as possible with as few shots as possible.

Oh, I also dislike peeps, which the fuzzy chick protagonist strongly resembles. That's why this one's already in the trash can.

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