Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 104: Pain

Pain is either someone's attempt at being edgy or someone's attempt at making fun of America's obsession with violence. One of the problems with using violence to satirize violence is that 99% of the audience is going to miss the joke. Either they'll think it's just some awesome new violent game or they'll call their senators demanding laws banning video games and giant rubber bands because of the 3% of the audience that tried to recreate the game in their backyards.

The 1% that does get the joke will quickly become bored with what is essentially a one trick pony, and it's a trick they've seen before, either in the crash mode of Burnout or the stunt games of Flatout. The creators of Pain have promised more content will be available to download in the future, meaning that players will have to keep doling out money until their ten dollar bargain game ends up costing them as much as any other game in their library.

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