Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 100: Torus Trooper

Torus Trooper could've had a story. Something about transdimensional aliens attacking through wormholes. It would have fit nicely on the first page of the instruction manual. The page everyone skips over on the way to the page that tells which buttons fire which weapons. That story was never written though, because all you need to know about Torus Trooper is go fast and shoot things.

This is a game that rewards speed. The faster you go, the more powerful your weapons. The more powerful your weapons, the more things you can kill. The more things you can kill, the quicker you get through each level. The quicker you get through each level, the more time you have for the next.

Like a cross between Tempest and Turbo, Torus Trooper sends you blasting your way through a cosmic roller coaster. Dying only matters because it takes away precious seconds and when the timer hits zero, the game is over.

This is a nice, retro style shooter that feels familiar without feeling like it blatantly ripped something off. The sense of speed is impressive, aided by a pounding soundtrack. Torus Trooper definitely does it right.

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