Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 126: Tower Toppler

I've found that the best motivation to keep playing a video game a day is to occasionally play a really good video game. Tower Toppler is a really good video game. It's so good that if I were Harry Knowles, there would be bodily fluids all over my floor right now.

Fortunately for my pants, I am not a 500 pound shut in who made a name for himself saying by that The Phantom Menace made him shit himself.

The goal of Tower Toppler is to guide the little frog like creature to the top of a series of towers. The beautifully rendered and animated towers each present a series of puzzles and obstacles which must be navigated before the timer reaches zero. It's nearly impossible.

But the game is so unique and well done that I don't care that I'll never see the end of it. Tower Toppler is a cruel, unforgiving mistress, and I am her bitch.

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